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Psychopunch - Six days in chucky's town lyrics

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Six days in chucky's town by Psychopunch

There's nothing new around,the song remains the same
Will I be full of sh*t before I go insane
Last night I heard about the way you really feel
All broken promises, bad luck at the fortune wheel
Sometimes I think about the way that you behave
Sometimes I laugh at all the love ones you betrayed
It's coming back for you but I don't give
Six days in Chucky's town for every dick you sucked
Hands up on the wheel as you are riding down the freeway now
The road is wide open the damage is done
A shoot thru the head now you're on the run
A hundred miles an hour til you're dead
In Chucky's town you'll raise your ugly head
Well things are always easier said than done
In Chucky's town they'll shoot you just for fun
There's nowhere left to hide
It's such a drag all the time
Some people wanna go to heaven some to hell
It's just like Chucky says "well boy you never can tell"
There's nothing new around the song remains the same
I will be full of sh*t before I go insane
Because today when I came around
You were bursting out of Chucky's town
Hell on wheels , how does it feel

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