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Psychopath - Stranded (For Holly Ramone) lyrics

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Stranded (For Holly Ramone) by Psychopath

I wanna call you on the telephone
Sitting here I'm so alone
I need you close to me tonight
The sun is shining, the summer is here
How I need to have you near
You're all I need to feel alright
Cold nights are hard to face
Let me take you to a special place
If you just give me one more chance
I'm trapped in the heartbreak zone
Cold chillings in my bones
Oh, how I miss our sweet romance
Somebody told me ”that's the way it goes”
But nobody told me it hurts to be alone
Don't leave me stranded
Don't leave me sad and blue
Just tell me what the hell to do
Eventhough I treated you bad
You're the best girl I ever had
Sometimes I think I'm born to lose
Oh, how I need you here by me
To end this misery
I know you're thinking of me too
If you just take the time
Maybe you'll change your mind

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