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Music Video

Prophecy Lyrics

by Prophanity


Prophecy Song Lyrics

Prophecy by Prophanity

[Words: James Parks II]
[Music: Prophecy]

[Intro SOLO (Boogie)]
Masterminds lead the way to our sorrow and hatred every day they sit
Above in demand and delight with perpetual expectations in sight.
They see not the anger below and only have destruction to bestow
With life it seems an endless hell distinguish the dreams that dwell.
Men killing men-famine and pestilence are the first two horsemen of fear
With death already here time is the last one and the end is near.
[SOLO (Boogie)]
Soon you'll see the prophecy foretold in pages of past suffer
Unto the wrath of the world condemning All who aren't of the lord.
Now you see what I say coming to you day by day.
The world now is gone as you now foresee our fate
What you hear you will see only now will you believe the prophecy...
In this world...

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