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Don't Forget Lyrics

by Prophanity


Don't Forget Song Lyrics

Don't Forget by Prophanity

Listen child as you lay alone at night, you're afraid to go to sleep
But listen child there no possible escape from this, you slip into the dream

What you see when you dream
Takes your mind to the limit of lucidity
Trapped inside a fragile mind
With no way out a disjunction of reality

Listen child there's no one here for you, no saviour to redeem
But listen child forget your irrational fears, your crippled anxiety

When you scream in the night
Your flesh will crawl to my delight
You recoil but at least you're still alive
Now witness these visions of mine

This confusion reigns inside your mind
Fell emptiness coming closer tearing a piece of your soul away
On the edge, your breaking, shattered pieces will remain

Blind to all reason, you will decline to speak the truth within the lie
There's not much time to decide
Will you wait till he comes, to tear your soul away!

Welcome to my world of violence
Abusive cruelty will make perfect sense
Welcome to this fate worse than death
Your mind raped of innocence
Bow down, child born of loss
Blamed for all that came to pass
In my grasp you will stay
As I rip your mind away
Listen, and now don't forget that day

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