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Project Wyze - Eyes wide shut (in album only if i knew) lyrics

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Eyes wide shut (in album only if i knew) by Project Wyze

Tangled in the webs that she weaves
Dangling in disbelief, trapped I can't breathe
She's the one that left me
Stranded feelin' empty
Now I'm all alone reading the letters that she sent me
Tired of playing games
Tired of being in last place
I move to fast pace, who are you to judge
If only you can love the way you hate me, every things so shaky
Broken, lost, crushed, all the above
Too many mistakes, too many bad breaks and bad luck
Too many lies and closed eyes, now I'm stuck in a bad rut
You said you'd be committed from the beginning ‘till end
I can't believe you said we're better off just being friends
For those who **** are now committed
For those who chose to love, forget it
Open eyes wide shut
Open eyes wide shut
Open eyes wide shut
Open eyes
I got to admit
I never thought you'd leave me for another guy
Yeah, I thought about it a lot and I'm still wondering why
And I know it's probably your friends filling your head up with lies
So forget about what your friends say
Did you forget about us being together ‘till the day we die?
Let's give it another try, give it another chance
I can't believe you're in love with another man
(Dearly departed)
You thought you left me empty handed, stranded and broken hearted
Mistreated and cheated so take it back to where we started
To the first time we met and the first time we kissed
Together forever, well what have I missed
If only you can see just how I feel and what you mean to me
I never thought that you could walk away so easily
You said you needed space, now you're out hanging with him
You said we can't be lovers so I know we can't be friends
Just the other day
I looked at her she looked at me and then she walked away
Cause I never really understood why
She could pass me by without giving us another try
So tell me what you're looking for
Cause I don't know no more
All I know is that I feel just like my heart's been torn
And I thought I was more than just a friend
And now you're leaving me in the very end
And now my vision is a blur
All I really knew is that I loved her, I loved her

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