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Pretty Maids - Spooked lyrics

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Spooked by Pretty Maids

You dragged me through your system
Your blasphemic religion
Denounced me as a public enemy
Disgraced me for the jury
Lit an outrageous fury
Created all the cloud that cover me
Now you made me
Turned me into what I am
You protaned me
As a child of the damned
You got me spooked
Don't give what you can't take back
Really spokked
Don't give what you can't take back
You brought me to the slaughter
You drank th eholy water
Washed your hands and sanctified yourself
Tortured and crucified me
You mail me to the cross
You burned my eyes and caused me living hell
You deceived me
Now you beg me to forgive
You mischieved me
Desbelieved my right to live
Vicious pictures stuck inside my head
Right until you lie dead
Right before me
Forgive and be forgiven Jesus said
But how do I forget
All that easy
You hurt my mind
You stained my soul
For deeds I haven't done
You killed my pride and blocked my goals
Now see what I've become
I'm comin' out to get ya
My personal vendetta
Is gonna free me from your stranghold
I'm back in violent rage
To revenge my crippled soul
Unchain my anger let me hate untold

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