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Warrior Sound (Adam Freeland Mix)

by Pressure 4-5


Warrior Sound (Adam Freeland Mix) Song Lyrics

Warrior Sound (Adam Freeland Mix) by Pressure 4-5

Step aside all pretender
This sound is taking over
Move aside or surrender
Soundboy take cover

We're going forward
Moving forward
Our sound shall move across the land
An sen a warning yes a warning
For it's time to understand

Time to make the speaker pop and don't stop
Warrior sound, warrior sound, warrior sound

Move forward step forward
Forward together everyday
Because we're going, we're going forward
We're going to have our say
Warrior forward to the future
A trooper be alife time soldier
I told you, you gotta keep it real
Tell me now how do you feel
Hey anyway make a better day
You gotta go forward come what may
No no no or yeah yeah yeah
The choice is yours, yeah, whatever which way
For the white for the black
Cut no slack!
For the good to the wack
Don't hold back!
It's a fact, who are you believing?
Be sure it's not yourself you're deceiving
I know, you know, let's go!
Forward to a brand new flow
Faster we're now nice, now slow
Who who, what what can take control
Warrior sound, warrior sound
Move forward, step forward
We keep on rocking everyday
We move forward, yes forward,
Forward together everyway
You gotta move forward, to do more good
You gotta step ahead for baldheads and dread
You gotta move forward out of your hood
You gotta step ahead with the right tread
Hear me now! Hitting them off, worldwide more kapow!
Rolling out my whole champion sound,
Down or uptown you better get around
Step forward but watch the rebound!
For the good for the bad, don't be sad
For the life that you had, don't get mad be glad!
While you are here, step forward
Leave behi

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