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Pooh - To Be Awake lyrics

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To Be Awake by Pooh

First released on Star-Studded-Super-Step, 'To Be Awake' was already a bit of a token song for us by the time that we re-recorded it for Mindsize. A tad bit folky, with a bit of a rock vibe, 'To Be Awake' was quite different than our other tracks and has always gone well with our acoustic sets or our plugged-in sets.
Lyrically, this song is a bit difficult to nail down. It is definitely focused around the notion of being "aware" or "awake" to the things that we do and say. In a world that works in great opposition to the believer, there is little room for being naive.... and so we need to think, pray and act.
Well I'm a happy man
So will I ever speak my mind
But I know that we
just haven't got the time
To be awake, to be ashamed, will you?
This world wants to drown me with
the things it's thinking of
So now I don't want to see or breathe
In this place that cannot love
I would rather lose my life
than to ever, ever lose my mind
But in this world, in this land
It's our thoughts that we cannot find
To be awake, to be ashamed, will you?
So you see me run away
And you wonder why I am scared
Well, I just can't help but think about
The things of which we're not aware

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