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Pooh - Peapod lyrics

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Peapod by Pooh

Another song that was first released on our 1992 independent album, Star-Studded-Super-Step. Definitely a concert favorite because of it's funk vibe and catchy, though simple, chorus. Over the years, having someone yell out 'Peapod' during a show was as common as someone yelling 'Freebird'. The version on Mindsize also featured an audio clip from Bob Ross, the happy painter, a tradition started with the Star-Studded cut. In fact, the name of the song came from Bob Ross' little pocket pet, Peapod the Pocket Squirrel.
The song seems to work against itself a bit lyrically, but I think it works out well. The verses point to the wayward lives that we often live, straying from our walk with the Lord. The verses also stress that we need to "get back to His side", and how true that is. The chorus, on the other hand, simply says "It's alright"... which would seem to point to a spiritual laziness, but I don't believe that is the case. The truth is, in the same breath that the Lord is showing us the error of our ways, He is also comforting us and showing us abundant love.
I've been standing here so long
I don't know where I've been
I've been looking around so long
I don't know what I've seen
Can I chase away the blues?
And will I understand this?
I been here, there, everywhere
How can I get back to His side?
It's alright
I've been turning around so long
I don't know which way is right
We've been tripping around so wrong
I know we've lost our sight
Can He chase away the blues?
And will we understand that?
We've been here, there, everywhere
We got to get back to His side

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