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Poison Clan - Shake Watcha Mama Gave Ya lyrics

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Shake Watcha Mama Gave Ya by Poison Clan

Poison Clan's in the house and ya don't stop!
JT's in the house and ya don't stop!
Tony Cash in the house and ya can't quit!
Poison Clan comin' dope with the funky sh*t!
Hey yo throw ya hands in the air!
And wave 'em like ya just don't care!
And if you're ready to rock with JT and the Clan
Lemme hear ya say aw yeah!
Verse 1: JT Money
JT wreckin' sh*t like a drunk driver
The b**ch-izer's richer and wiser
Niggas camouflage to be large like the great one
Talkin' sh*t? Oh, that's a mistake, son!
'Cause I'm on track like a train
Puttin' niggas in pain, who think they can hang
With the likes of the Money Man
I'm from the Clan; I leave your head spinnin' like a fan
So spread your hustle, we can go off the muscle
Brothers talk sh*t, but still don't wanna tussle
With the Clan's warrior!
Make a sad story o' whoever's in the section,
'Cause all you get is wrecked, son
If you don't know what you're in for,
Pay attention as I mention the info
Or you'll get slapped like a hoe
I'm from the bottom, niggas! Act like you know!
Chorus (4x):
[I am ROUGH!]
[Another hit from the freestyle fanatic]
Verse 2: JT Money
Save the beef for the patty; I don't rap for the weak
The Poison Clan's mack daddy ain't your speed
I get respect to the maximum, some be actin' dumb
They're not down with the Poison, so I'm taxin' 'em
Eatin' 'em up, like a gyro sandwich
They're never Poison Clan 'cause they do zero damage
JT Money's the man you can never predict
I'm crusin' while suckas gettin' sea-sick
Now stuff like this you can't resist nowadays
Poison is power, and power pays
So I choose to be Poisonous
You can never pose a threat if you put your boys in this
But rather though, you'll tell your kids a story of
JT, the Poison Clan warrior
I'm never lost in the source 'cause I'm the boss
Hot like the devil but cool as Jack Frost
And I fly niggas' head like a frisbee
You just seen a rough nigga gettin' busy
Motherf**kers on roaches still can't hang with me
The mack daddy's back on track and it's plain to see
I'm one of the best out, I'm waitin' the next 'bout
Never fakin' makin' the opposite sex shout
Niggas act hard when they know they soft
Pull a switch on your back and turn yo' ass off
'Cause the sh*t y'all kickin' ain't hittin'
The sh*t I kick kick ass; I ain't bullsh*ttin'
I'm on a rampage to do damage
Eat you like a sandwich, 'cause you can't manage
Niggas try to get fly, so then I wreck 'em
Kick 'em in the rectum, and then reject 'em
I make Hell raise, kick like a 12-guage
Make you feel like you're trapped in a steel cage
Niggas kickin' nursery rhymes and weak fables
I kick sh*t like I'm walkin' through a horse stable
Gettin' sh*t on my steel-toe, but still chilled, though
My foot'll be up yo' ass like a dildo
So don't be next, black
'Cause I cause way more sh*t than Ex-Lax

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