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Pods - World of Clowns lyrics

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World of Clowns by Pods

Billing come runnin' through the tunnel
Got a dream he's gonna change the world
Got some spray paint gonna relate
Politics on the walls of Pittsburgh
He sprays all night and day enraptured
With Jung and Jesus Marx
His quest for justice words in colors
His peace will stop all wars
Oh! Billy chained to the future
Billy's in his room with his gloom and a pen and a pad
Dishes stacked in the kitchen
Momma's upstairs with a man who's not his dad
Billy ponders existence
Then takes a look at what he's written down
Please release me from this world of clowns
Dogs eat the innocent read it in cement
Billy's mission closer every day
Pontificate the sidewalk let them eat Reeboks
Most everyone would let it all melt away
But there's a few like him who see
Then men of power's lies
A bright new road will lay to waste
Their dark unspoken crimes
Oh! Billy stops on a penny
His father's like a rock hasn't talked for seventeen years
Julie fixes in the basement
She's got a baby they don't know what it's doin' here
Billy changes the channel
And says a prayer to a God he hasn't found
Please release me from this world of clowns
Oh! Billy shuts off the screaming
It's noisy on the block like a clock ticking off the tears
Father's face hasn't changed yet
Billy tries to speak but his daddy still doesn't hear
Julie, why do you do that?
Momma, didn't you hold me when I was young?
Please release me from this world of clowns

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