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Pods - Give It All to Me lyrics

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Give It All to Me by Pods

Make that money smooth as honey
Capitalistic smitten crime
Other folks here feel your nightmare
Guess you don't care about what is mine
Girl you gonna get some
Girl you gonna have fun
Doesn't really matter what deeds you've done
Thought you were pretty
Thought we'd get busy
Now I know you're vacant city
Give it all to me 4X
Dollar signs fill your mind
There's no room for any sort of compassion
Yeah, I heard you laughin
Talkin trash kill for cash
Girl you're gonna make it
Even if you fake it
Find a trusting heart you're gonna break it
Nothin really matters
Climbing ladders
But your forgotten soul is shattered
What do I do to get through
Every thing I think of you
And your kind you're blind no mind
I won't sign on your dotted line
Girl you thought you'd get me
Though you never met me
And at first you seemed so sexy
But it wasn't worth it
Right below the surface
An ugly attitude and I cursed it
The facts I see and believe
I know that I can't stop it with a song
But there's too many people now
Who think they can do nothing wrong
Take a sad world make it worse
They don't care just who gets hurt
Take a bullet call it prayer
I may be angry but at least I care
You gotta get some
Oh, you gotta have fun
Doesn't really matter what deeds you've done
Gotta be pretty
Gotta own the city
Girl for you I just feel pity

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