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Pods - Ego Party lyrics

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Ego Party by Pods

We power keepers hold the key
To turn your negativity
Into sun... and light
We'll do this trick tonight
Wherever these four demons go
In every city on the road
The stage is a conduit
To turn the other bands to sh*t
We are the top up of the world
Giving hints to boys and girls
Telling them stupendous stories
Yo, bro, we got glory
Listen to that magic bass
Gaze at my majestic face
Our new block beat will knock you dead
We need wheelbarrows for our heads!
Right on!
I am the master fact
I'll tell you how to act
I see everything
Encompass all your dreams
I'll say what's bad and good
So, right on!
Right on!
Oh myself, myself, myself
There are no words that could quite tell
How deep I am to know for you
What to speak and think and do
So fall and praise the Pods' bright name
Play our delicious little game
God and Satan both agree
Everything begins with me!
Big pay to puck pa ba daby
Big pay to puck pa pa da
Big ba to bick bo da beeper
Big bay to bo ba ba da
Pibbedi bop ba do bop ba beeper
Pibbedi dot to bo ba ba da
Bob bop bop to bo bop ba dita
Ba ba ba ba bo da da da

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