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by Plow Hate


Challenged Song Lyrics

Challenged by Plow Hate

f**ked in the head, better off dead
No future in sight, this is his life
Can't count to ten, can't spell his name
Who's at fault, who's to blame
Look at him twitch, look at him drool
30 years old, still in pre-school
He can't control when he p**ses or sh*ts
Or starts screaming in one of his fits

He has his own nurse, living in his house
He can't control his mind, he rides on a bus with his special kind


He'll never know a normal life
Can't read a book, can't ride a bike
Can't dress himself, can't tie his shoes
Living his life without a clue
Before his birth they were insane
His parents used crack cocaine
Now you know during conception
They had a drug addiction

Living in his house, with a natural curse
He rides on a bus with his special kind, he doesn't know why

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