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Feeling of dread Lyrics

by Place Of Skulls


Feeling of dread Song Lyrics

Feeling of dread by Place Of Skulls

Lying alone, looking to the sky
My pulsating veins and my bulging eyes.
I think about decisions that I've made
I can't take it no more and it's got to break.

I want to know why I live in disgust
Only thinking of hate and corruption
Can't I leave these things behind?
And go from this world of hate and destruction.

Darkness shines around my thoughts; I believe my mind is dead
What I find in peace of mind gives me the feeling of dread.

I walked alone, on my own
I didn't have a hand to hold
The door was slammed but I found the key
I can leave this world, forever be free.

Do you know how it feels…
when you wish to live no longer?
Do you know how it feels…
to have been took by someone stronger?
You know you've got to die to live on,
and when your time is near
Will you ever be sure?
Can you see things quite clear?

[Lyrics & Music by Victor Griffin - 2001]

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