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by Pitch Black


SuffocHate Song Lyrics

SuffocHate by Pitch Black

I breed, I crawl inside, I can't understand
No more no less I fight, I cant't hold it all
The rage, the pain, I see so much to be seen
Away, too deep I pray, I try to escape

So much you take, can't breed, trying to be free
Escape, deceive, prepare, time to create
So far, so deep, insane I taste the fear
To dream, to hear, noone can overcome

[CHORUS (x4):]
I fight the pain

Feed the hole, feed the hole, drowning...
Feed the hole, feed the hole yeah!
So I fight, try to become senseless to the pain
And deep inside I feel it come...
Coming, coming back, coming back!

In me, the end, can feel it becoming too intense
So hard, so loud, so vain, so innocent
I kill, I seek, I feel, raging inside
Left hand, can't hold, too cold now pull the trigger


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