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Peter Ostrowski - Grand Jacques lyrics

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Grand Jacques by Peter Ostrowski

It is too easy to enter the church
When we need to be cleansed of our sins
We sit in the dark
With the priest and we search
For forgiveness
For the things we tell him
Just stay silent, say nothing
Though you know the truth is that God
Is an image, an illusion
Make out you don't know any better
It is too easy when peace is declared
To believe there will be no more wars
But how can we see
Any end to the killing
Here by the crematorium doors
Just stay silent, say nothing
Let them shout if they so wish
Let them cry out in their joy
You play no part in their games
It is too easy when love fades away
When it breaks, folded too many times
To silently cry day after day
As if love endured for all time
Just stay silent, say nothing
When you think
You've discovered true love
The blue eyes, the wild hair
You know nothing about it at all
Understand these things forever
Tell yourself whenever you can
It is too easy
It is much too simple
To be true

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