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Pestilence - The Secrecies Of Horror lyrics

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The Secrecies Of Horror by Pestilence

"An unknown dimension revealed to man"
Within the realms unseen
The missing have returned
Deformed beyond recognition
Remains of bodies burned
When all is lost
Swallowed by depths of darkness
The gates to the kingdom of horrors
You've passed, now dwell in madness
Flames of eternity
Burn in immortality
Skin melts so horribly
Revealed surreality
Breathing blackened air
Within the walls of gore
Behold the view of disgust
The secrecies of horror
Eyes of fear, torture is near
Tearful cries, you hear
Discovering beyond death
Secrets you will find
The horror you'll meet
Will capture your mind
Secrecies of horror
Secrecies of horror

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