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Pessimist - Unspeakable Terror lyrics

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Unspeakable Terror by Pessimist

Predisposed to victimization and overt aggression driven by compulsive
Antisocial domination functionally
Narcissistic predatory mind hate and lust
Inseparably fused across his cognitive
Framework the victim's last offense was
What she represents... to him
Struck from behind... brutally subdued
Organized offense... abducted from the scene
Your sadistic god... stares you face to face
His grip upon your throat... is strengthened by your screams
Sadistic show... of his control
She's terrorized... smell her fear
Steel on flesh... draw the blade
Agony... tortured screams
Disregard... for human life
To validate... his own disgust
She must die... to justify
Pain he's endured... she must die
Dehumanized... objectifies his rage feel
His power surge... as consciousness slips away sweet oblivion
... Falling short of death
Abhorrent consciousness... why won't he let you die?
Suddenly you realize the time has come for you to die!
Mercifully you realize that he will finally let you die!

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