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Pep Love - T.A.M.I. lyrics

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T.A.M.I. by Pep Love

(Pep Love)
My women, to all my black women
T-A-M-I, huh
Dear T.A.M.I., my heart bleeds for you
Words on a page, my calm and my rage
Beauty that's undescribed, we coincide in one vibe
Given the rhythm that makes me come alive
And I, been thinkin about this for awhile
When I mention my love for you, feelin like a child inside
Fortified by the image of your face
See she's the one that sat a nigga down and laced me
I remember you, as a little girl
Daddy was gone, had never been in your world
Mother was strugglin, three jobs jugglin
You seemed oblivious, like it wasn't nothin
T.A.M.I. shine with the brilliance
Bounce with resilience
Work with the cards that you dealt with
Life was hard, and I was too young to see
You had a crush on me, that was dumb to me
I just wanted to run the streets
Holla at the ho's, drink fo' oh's
But when I take a moment and think
I sink into the ink and begin imaginin
Her strength and how it's makin me weak
I never thought I would've thought it was me
But when I, close my eyes and get a vision of love
She's all that I see
Ghetto diamond, free from confinement
Sparks in my mind lit flames in my heart, the part that is
Chorus (2x)
T.A.M.I., the only one that understand me
(All for you, it's really all for you)
Days and nights I count away, she remind me
(All for you, it's really all for you)
Of dreams and things my inspiration brings into a world so crazy
(All for you, it's really all for you)
I look in your eyes and see a woman risin
All the guys been, tryin ta get between ya thighs
And true lies they tell, what your innocence hides
They never would've never guessed, you were so wise
I feel blessed t

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