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Pep Love - Different lyrics

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Different by Pep Love

(Pep Love)
Yo, I'm a inner city guerilla
Ducker and dodger
Dipper into the shadows
And bust a shot at ya
Then call an ambulance
To come and get ya
And right when you get better
I'mma come back and hit ya
One more (gin?)
You hear the bass rumblin
Your men start fumblin the mic
Stumblin over the cord
Goodness gracious lord
Soon as I speak your space gets
Invaded, explored and exploited
Pep Love, I'm one of the anointed ones
Your boys got guns but they don't want it
Cause you will never defeat the sun
I'mma shine all day
And you gonna miss me when I'm done
I'll be back in fact
To inflict a fracture
Step into ya territory
To commit an infraction
Pass the spliff
As I make the earth shift
Like continental drift
With one of my many gifts
I'm different
Now what you want with that?
I'mma give it to you
Til you give it right on back black
I'm different, open your eyes and see
Me for who I am, that's who I'm gonna be
My voice is the instrument I implement
As my weapon of choice
When I inflict it, I'm vindictive
But not like ya bitches
I just want the riches
And to be granted my wishes
My intricate flow is chock full of info
That'll be beneficial if you listen close
Folks, I'll put ya head out
Like a cigarette butt
But, you gonna rebut ya dead now
Issue resolved
Now you don't wanna get involved
And all the bullshit
You was talkin dissolve
I'll bust a three pointer in ya face
And say 'Ah ah'
I'm nasty, classy, fancy and fly
Steadily advancing til I touch the sky
Cause, you know how I do
My view is bird's

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