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Penumbra - Bloody Experience lyrics

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Bloody Experience by Penumbra

I remember now.
Moon said take him, take / [ ...take him, take ]
It was in this town / [ to start is so hard ]
Thousand images in my head / [ but to continue is your faith ]
Wind was very cold
Weapon were my hands
Blood was very hot
Sanity runs across the land
I had promised her / [ Don't forget ]
The serment is kept / [ you had promised me ]
My name is colder / [ my love, my puppet , my body ]
That night and that death
This is my family
Look above your head
Nineteen eighty-three
The death was it's bed
My tears are the price / you need me
For your eyes and your heart / to enlighten your soul
My mind's under ice / to show you the blood
My feet not on the earth
Over my cold cell
I'm looking for you
You're my fair, my shell
And I'll come to you

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