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Music Video

Sinister Lyrics

by Pentagram


Sinister Song Lyrics

Sinister by Pentagram

I cast my spells on endless nights
They call me lord with my hands on fright
My subjects they fear me for my eyes do glow
My women they love me; they're pleased to show

My tool is a serpent which to bear my child
A virgin is chosen just to drive me wild
Just take the time and you will see
How no one is over lord to me
I am my king and I am of my own
Can you feel the force of who sits on the throne
My dreams are real and fantasies true
I am a priest of hell make a slave of you

I know what I want and I know how to get it
It's held in my hand and I'm ready to give it
Come with me now would you care to try
Please let me warn you, you've got to decide yeah

Do you know how it feels
When you wish to live no longer
Do you know how it feels
To have been took by someone stronger

They say you've got to die to live on
And when your time is near
Will you ever be sure
Can you see things quite clear yeah!

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