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Music Video

Pain Lyrics

by Pentagram


Pain Song Lyrics

Pain by Pentagram

Eyes on this flesh the windows of my soul
from these i look inside and see it all
thorns in my heardtand needles in my braýn
is paýn ýnfectýous or is ýt from the core
my fate is hiding in the dark
or ýts my mýnd that steals the light

Heavy conscýence on my shoulder
cant hold on any longer
cold ice now,darkness kill my pain

I asked my father why he passed me by
he said i'm always here and watchýng you
dont be afraid when you have lost your way
follow the sings and they will be leafing you
why do i fear to leave the lýe
when týme has come to say goodbye

We are the ancient sages for whom the sing is shown
forgetten ones from the realm of the unknown
without a name or trace in death we sank
and in the book of time our names are blank

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