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At Feasts Full Of Warm Blood Lyrics

by Penicillin


At Feasts Full Of Warm Blood Song Lyrics

At Feasts Full Of Warm Blood by Penicillin

Good and high.
The sky darkened.
The sweet blood coming on.
Dark and deep.
A grey anvil of clouds.
Thoughts spinning away.
Broken by a hollow whistling sound.

The life on blood.
I was back in the woods again.
An awesome piece of work.
Sparkling like frosted flakes.
A delicate one.
Sugar to my vampire eyes.
Sparkling like a spider web.
I stop on the path sprinkled with dew.

Alive on blood a grey shadow drops.
Like a stone. Rises with beating wings.
Over a thin chattering sound.
Flickering torches.
A graveyard at dusk.

The soft glow of a cavern.
The lore of vampires.
Other things are good in their ways...
...but give me blood.
Darkness in latitudes falls swiftly.
At feasts full of warm blood.

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