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The Haunting Lyrics

by Pencey Prep


The Haunting Song Lyrics

The Haunting by Pencey Prep

Don't walk alone on dark clouds don't let the cold wind chill your bones
Don't isolate your sensitivity, and you'll never walk alone
So you think I wanted to be an anti-hero for one night
And be haunted by my dreams
My plot and scheme were way beyond my imagination
'Cos I've got faith and I've got a cause and I won't bow to some mystery
Then of course there's always the Utopian dream
I think you know what I mean
The buckshee drink that spilt the warning
Down your grey opaque entity
The candlelit dinner, the action man with the Milk Tray
Dazed, the ghost of love shines round you
Like the brooch l gave you made of Acapulco gold
And your patience is reflected by the timeless calm tranquility
And we both watch as your fingers claw for the brush to clean out your
Dirty nails
And my jealousy prevails
I found out a long time ago the secret of the Black Magic box

You re getting butterflies sick In the stomach
We've hit ten on the Richter scale in my eyes
And I want a compromise now
The shadows claw I beat them down
The saint, the sinner unmask the clown
Feel like a renegade, failed to make the grade
The buckshee drink that spilt the warning
It's alright alright I said it's kosher
Feel like a renegade, severely missed the grade
'Cos I've got faith and I've still got a cause
I won't bow to some mystery laws
Feel like a renegade, feel like on parade again
Excited eyes and Spanish Eyes plays again
The pitch shift set on a perfect fifth again
The tears bite back like barbed wire now and then in rage
And I give you my heart
'Cos I've still got faith and I've still got a cause
With chocolate smiles and blue eyes bold
At the end of the day, you've got a hand to hold

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