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Pausini Laura - Loneliness lyrics

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Loneliness by Pausini Laura

I don't even know if he still thinks of me
Once he got on board that unforgiving train
I imagine that he whiled away the time
Through that cold grey morning and the city rain
Thinking of somebody else who'll run to him
Who'll ask him "did you miss me?", "maybe now and then"
Laughing he'll say well, he "met this funny girl"
But "just a summer think" he won't see her again
Oh, God! I hope I'm wrong but I'm not feeling very strong
I've been so up and down, so sad, so happy, feeling good and bad
I'm young, I'm old, I laugh, I cry
I tell the truth, but that's a lie
I've been so in and out, so wild, so well behaved, so pure defiled
Oh, solitudine! That word I hate to say
And no, I was not crazy to do what we did
I even wish I'd been a bit more crazy still
And kept a little more of him to see my through
He loved me all he could, I never had my fill
And then I'm back inside my room, he knows so well
I fell again the way he moved I take it slow
I talk to him and he becomes part of me
And then I know he'll never let the summer go
Oh, God! I hope I'm right I won't give in without a fight
And I can take the words they throw at me
For none of them could know that we had something
Very few will ever find their whole life through
I wouldn't change a single day
Although the price I have to pay is solitudine
The loneliness is tearing me apart, it tears me up
It pulls me down and then it wraps around my heart
Does he remember all he said to me?

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