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Porcelain Bride Lyrics

by Patterns Of Decay


Porcelain Bride Song Lyrics

Porcelain Bride by Patterns Of Decay

My Darling,
Did you really think I could forget?
You thought I'd just let it go
But I want you to remember
I want to reiterate it all
So here's your final chapter
An epilogue if you will
Just quit pretending
You'll have your story book ending
This is my f**k you
f**k You!
You are the most
Loathsome creature
I have ever known
You disgust me
With your selfish ways
Nothing to give but always ready to take, take, take
Don't you realize I've been watching all this time
For your defenses to be compromised
So I can slip in there silent tonight
Inhale this chloroform and don't you fight
Now just relax
You'll be here for awhile
Don't dare talk back
I'll cut that tongue right out
Down to the crypts
Under the stairs
I have prepared your tomb
Wrapped in plastic
Glass for your eyes
You will be my own porcelain bride
And when you're laying on the slab
Will you open your heart for me then?
It's slowly coming together
A surgeon with the needle
A true artist with the blade
I'll keep your eyes in the jar
And I'll never go far
I'll love you always and forever
Deep in the crawlspace of my heart
And keep you cold as ice
To preserve you for all time
It never has to end
I can keep you alive
I can keep you alive!
Beneath the bleach!
My sweet valentine
My only love

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