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Path Of Resistance - Uterogestation To Abortion lyrics

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Uterogestation To Abortion by Path Of Resistance

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]
Defilement of bosomy virgin
Sensual hymen is deflorated
Erected phallus inside pussy
Puking disgust of copulation
Jism on genitals
Menstrual blood
Embryo resorbence
Ovulation by sexual abuse
Clotted uteral mucus
Fertilization of ovulum
Gelatinous mucin from abrasion
Abnormal umbilicus
Asphyxia of foetus
Foetal amputation
Fermentation of dead conceptus
Necrotic villi into endometrium
Contamination of amniotic fluid
Pulmonary lobes atelectasis
Ragged umbilical cord
Placenta infarction and sepsis
Sanguinolent blennorrhoea into membranes
Necrobiosis and aborted debris in womb
Parturition pains and eclampsia
Pregnancy terminated by caesarian
Afterbirth extracted by gynaecologist
Postnatal juices about foeticide
Sterile autolysis
Macerated foetus

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