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Fresh Lyrics

by Parvati


Fresh Song Lyrics

Fresh by Parvati

No need to be afraid. I've been betrayed, but that was yesterday.
Today doesn't have to be the same cause I can change my ways.
I had a wounded child personality debt. I did forget to collect my regrets.
I had placed all my little bets in a sticky net that I could not accept.

They were part of me I wanted to hide so I didn't have to feel.
But the longer I have hidden them the bigger they have grown to be so that I could see
That the love that is all around is also in me,
Is also in me

It's time to start fresh and new
My love is fresh for you,
Fresh and true. How about you?
Do you want fresh too?
I called you into my life to remind me of what I'd forgotten of.
The things that I thought were just you I was part of too. We are not two.
The love that I thought was so dear was grasping love through a rear view mirror.

I can do just anything if I am willing to be all of who I am
You can be just as you are if that is what you really want to be
Cause what you choose is what you are, becomes your reality
So why not choose fresh?

It's time to start fresh and new...

Ils faisaient partie de moi que je ne voulais plus sentir.
Mais plus j'ai voulu les nier, plus ils se sont développés
Car l'amour autour de moi est aussi au fond de moi.
Il fallait que je voie cet amour en moi.

It's time to start fresh and new...

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