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911-1-L-O-V-E Lyrics

by Parvati


911-1-L-O-V-E Song Lyrics

911-1-L-O-V-E by Parvati

"May those frightened cease to be afraid. (Old message, received today 12:37pm). May those bound be free. May the powerless find power and may people think of befriending one another. May the children, the aged, the unprotected, be guarded by beneficent celestials, and may they quickly attain Buddhahood." 1
"Om Namaha Shivaya... Barukh atah Adonai..."
"O Great Spirit of our Ancestors, I raise my pipe to you and to Mother Earth. Give us the wisdom to teach our children to love, to respect, to be kind to each other..."2
"Kyrie eleison. Christe eleison"..."il-la paç-çan min beesha. Mid-til..."3

(To replay this message press one. For the next message press two. To delete this message press three.)

"... peace. Do thou also incline towards peace?"
"Jesus Christ! Oh my God! Lordy, lordy! Good God!"
"Om Bhur Bhuva Svaha..."4

(To forward, reply to or call back this message press four. For the previous message, press five.)

911-1-L-O-V-E, 911-G-O-D

Anybody there? Are you listening? I'm ready to download. I'm ready.
I'm here. Calling God. Are you listening? I'm ready. I am here.

"Peace. Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy!"

(To erase this message press two. To manage your messages and account press star.)
(Dialing) What a minute what am I doing? I'm calling God? That's crazy! Well, maybe it's not such a bad idea. What's the harm in trying? (dialing) Hi God? This is Rhonda Rose calling from planet Earth, but you probably know that already. Just in case you're listening, I thought I'd let you know that we could really use your help down here. A lot of people seem to be suffering. The air is more polluted than ever. Clean drinking water is scarce. People are hungry, hungry for food yah, but also very much hungry for love. So hungry in fact that there seems to be an epidemic, a disease called greed eating people's souls. It is like people have forgotten who they are and why they are here on the planet, driven by an energy of wanting, wanting, wanting, living with short-term vision, looking out only for number one. People's inner world seems polluted so our outer world is polluted. God, without self-love, how can we feel real love for one another?
We could really use your help down here so please send love. Thanks.
(Ring) Hello?
"Hello. This is God. We have heard your call and we feel your heart. Life is to love and love is life. Be love. Be loved. Wanting is not love. Love is to witness unfolding. Love is beyond wanting. Love is free, is free..."

911-1-L-O-V-E, 911-G-O-D

1 Buddhist prayer for peace
2 Native American prayer for peace
3 The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic
4 Gayatri Mantra

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