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Parokya Ni Edgar - Absorbing man lyrics

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Absorbing man by Parokya Ni Edgar

you can beat me up
call me names
steal my bike
go insane
i dont care if you rearrange my face
i dont mind
you can burn my toys
and the books i read
still it wont matter to me
cause with one big gulp
i'll swallow it up and smile
because im the incredible absorbing man
and im gonna do the best i can(2x)
till you finally understand
im calm, im serene
not a word is getting through me
when you scream
im a sponge
i soak it up
all the cr*p you put me through
wont make me give up
i will never falter
i will never quit
youll never find another
who'll put up with your sh*t(3x)
i will never falter...

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