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Music Video

Hidden Track Lyrics

by Paris, Texas


Hidden Track Song Lyrics

Hidden Track by Paris, Texas

So breathless
the night carves her airwaves out of leaves.
I am up against
tattoos of scars and skin

So cold
So deep
I'm twenty feet and sinking
faster than the ship I'm in;
Useless to jump or swim

I could hold my breath till I blow up
and make this all seem real.
No matter how hard I try,
I cant seem to win
this stupid game.

I apologize
for keeping you up.
Wasting all your time.

So I'm stuck with
the image you walking me to my car.
And how nice it felt to be alive in someone's arms.

Last night
felt like
the only time that we made sense.
And every moment after which

Chalk it up...
to coincidence.

I could hold my breath until I blow up
and make this all seem real.
There's nothing like waking up
after all the sadness
has been slapped off.
And its just me and you,
looking at all these things.

How am I supposed to breath?

Lucky for me
we were lying down.
Just from kissing you
I could of passed right out.

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