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Unfinished Business Lyrics

by Paraquat


Unfinished Business Song Lyrics

Unfinished Business by Paraquat

Dirty road. met her past midnight.
Picked her for her fake blonde hair
And red boots.
Drove all the way out off town,
Talked about random things
And never looked her in the eyes.

Put the money into her pocket,
Lipstick lips whispered sweet secrets,
Hands went down to his legs.
At a forgotten railway station
He stopped the car and switched the lights off,
Whispering this king deserves a crown,
It's a cold world outside.

Love me, love me,
I know you don't love me
But say that you want me and need me, lie to me.
But I love you more than my own life.
Dirty road. met her past midnight.
Dressed her up in his wife's second favourite coat.
Looking for nothing but
Cheap sex and someone to love

Because old memories die hard.
He told her he'd come back someday,
Take her away and start from zero
And 'you'll be safe and I'll be glad'.

When she smiled at him because
She felt pity and sympathy,
He took her hand and lost control over the wheels.

Car crash, sirens, broken glass, silence.
He could only be identified by the photo in his license.
When he died there was nobody there
Except for the girl with the fake blonde hair
And red boots.

The one that never loved him enough.

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