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The Killing Lyrics

by Paramaecium


The Killing Song Lyrics

The Killing by Paramaecium

In the distance, my falcon flies, circling above a clearing in the
Forest. Suddenly, I hear it's cries as it falls to the ground to its
Death. Leaving Destiny, I rush in the direction of it's final cry. I
Enter the clearing and stop in sudden horror as I view an
Unnatural spectacle of ancient fallen trees.
This is a fossilised forest, silent and calm, with no sign of
Movement save for the stain of my form. The spell of age has
Woven it's evil intent upon this hallowed ground as beneath the
Grey clouds the forest was rent. Moving slowly, in deliberation
And respect for the dead, I am revulsed by the scene played out
Before me. How these giants have fallen. Their majesty, their
Power, and all that they were are as dust to the soil and returned
To the earth. I know not why.
I plead with Destiny for an answer as she arrives and she explains
It thus;

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