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Paperboys - In Between lyrics

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In Between by Paperboys

I've got a life but ma motto is missing
I make music but I'm not a musician
I ain't stupid not a lot of'em listen
Spot a bottle
Gotta follow ambition
I see it all from ma bottom position
"It's alright"
It might be probable wishing but I tell'em it's cool
Stuck where irrelevance rules
Hoping of selling with intelligent fools
A hell of a duel
We're developing tools
For some elegant pools
Keeping it moving 'till I'm smelling of fuel
Fighting fire with fire
And though my choir is hired
Can't seem to satisfy desire
I'm tired
Even ma fliers are wired but hay "maybe I'm wrong"
For turning tables with a radio song
Can't blame it on the label I'm on
I plung cables
Coz I'm able
The fabels of vagabond
Keep'em flaming along
Find a chic and leave a stain in her thong
It's entertaining
But I'm sick
Draining liquor 'till this paining is gone
And I Know
I roll
I glow
And I'll blow
Let's grow
And get dough
Fa sho'
I'm a sensible guy
We seek redemption then eventually die
Just an extension
Passing centuries by
But hey I know it
I was ment to be fly
A poet sent from the sky
Playing ma role keeping ma entity high
"Mentally dry"
I try to do better
Tied it together
My wings the finset of feathers
Design'em in letters
And I know I cant be rhyming forever
The signs severed
So I pay the cost try to find cheddar
Ride in fine leather
Us mortals are lost with candle-lights imported across
I've heard it all
Never bought it ofcourse
Still sport it for frost
Tied to ma neck
With pride and respect
But I'm the one the diamonds reflect
I'm a survivor
Riding cassettes
Hoping semebody out there's guiding ma checks
But I ain't hiding
Man I'm live in effect
I'm not the idol that the bible expects
When I collide with the decks
I show it all coz I don't try to forget
*..også la meg fortelle deg mitt point of view. få høre da.
mr-fakkin'-magician der du sett. du som e mr-man-of-the-hour.
jammen få høre da din jævla fitte! ja okey. fyr.
ja du kalla mæ fitte, men du kan kalle meg Gud etter at æ er ferdig med her. jaja..*

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