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Paperboys - Change my stars lyrics

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Change my stars by Paperboys

I get the strangest ideas, get drunk,
leave angels in tears turning flames into painful affairs
so now I’m lying here draining beers
I can’t explain it’s weird got me thinking damn maybe I’m scared
coz I’d like someone to listen to but I hate having to tell them
I’m sorry for not missing you
feeling cold and this is difficult
guess love differs your periphial view sort of like sniffing glue
it was cool I know you hoped for us
didn’t mind that I smoked so much
I saw the signs, you opened up, gave me time
and everything was fine till I f**ked up and broke your trust
but even so you never showed disgust
it’s like I find a surprise and all I wanted was to drown in her eyes
and lay surrounded by the sound of the skies
but I guss I never tried so for all of those lies
I apologise
“My intent was not to fail you all
See I’m just trying to change my stars
Got me locked at these crossroads thinking which way should I go
which way should I go
anticipating what the next day’s bringing
Try to prepare with your heartbeat racing
It’s kind of like when I’m writing my flows
thinking which way should I go
which way should I go”
Guess I’ve proven to be a handful
coz it’s like every other day another scandal
had a career but now they saying that it’s cancelled
ain’t that a whole lot of sh*t to be playing for some uncleared samples?
quite more than I can stand for
but then again I kind of like your damn show coz my sh*t went gold
another shipment sold and all the other kids enrolled
coz what they do now I did before
and some of them did know
those who didn’t
now they heard it from you
so you’re the fool bringing my words into school
you’re just a tool i can use gaining success
now everyday is another I don’t give a f**k-fest
I just like the truth /there really ain’t that much left
and I don’t see how me talking about my life can make you upset
that’s too much stress you need to relax
and look around maybe jesus is back
go find him
Sometimes I wish that no one on this earth could stand me
if I deserved to be loved I wouldn’t hurt my family
fill my body with drugs while giving birth to panic
it’s like I’m just another worthless addict
sh*t,I ain’t even working at it
though I know, nobody’s perfect
I feel I’ve lost my right to ask for a purpose
it seems I just make it worse and search beneath the surface
and try to find some light up in this circus
but I’m nervous all I see is the mistakes I made
cut me open like a razor blade
and in these motherf**king crazy days feel my faith uncovered
pray the doctors will save my brother
think about the promises people make each other
but life interferes
got to do right by them that cared
ive been a burden for them to bear
so I know I can’t end it here

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