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Pantera - Dom/Hollow lyrics

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Dom/Hollow by Pantera

You hear Rex's bass?
Answer me ya hear the f**kin bass?
On the Cowboys From Hell album,
We gotta song called Domination...
Were gonna cut that motherf**ker in half...
I wanna see everybody break there neck, in here!
1 2 3 Jump!!!!
(dadada dadada....)
Cuts to Hollow
He as hollow as I alone,
Shell of my friend just flesh and bone
There's no soul
Sees no love
Shake my fist, skies above!
He as hollow as I converse,
Wish he'd waken from this curse
Hear my words before it's through
Want to come, after you!
MY! BEST FRIEND! MY! Best Friend right here...
Jump Back!
That's f**kin bad ass!
Thank you...
1 2 3 ____!!

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