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Paintbox - A Field In The Moonlight lyrics

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A Field In The Moonlight by Paintbox

Like the full moon, the songs of a barking beast melt in myself
A howling river is laughing
The end with death, sink on the soul, over the waves you can see from the boat
Stars are twinkling
Anyway, hauled in the invisible thread
Lay yourself on the current of the repeated times
This weary world in flames, it's a hard world, spider's threads are easily broken
Both joys and sorrows are in the lake of tears, it's surface is rippled
They are swimming deeply in the lake
Anyway, I am here with many questions
Never ending travels to look for the answers
"Mune, you've gotta go!"
Even the wind deceived the flame has not gone yet
Even the clouds hid, the moon is still there
The party is in full swing, untie the rope, a mayfly is creeping up, the sound of fluttering
Heartbeats start stirring
Like the moon, waxing and waning, even if it seems like something is missing
It will always shine on you
And someday the end will come
Not everything is disappeared, the party for thugs

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