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Music Video

You We're My Everything Lyrics

by PabzMiah


You We're My Everything Song Lyrics

You We're My Everything by PabzMiah

Hey Girl,

Do you remember all these time you made me cry?
You made me cry soo much by leaving me/
What is gonna happen to you?
Do you even know what's gonna happen to you?
Well you try'ma find out right now!

Ooo Girl (2x)
You made me leave you now,
But you left me like this girl,
You didn't say anything to me,
You left me all alone to die (2x)
You made me cry like everyday,
I can't believe you'uu,
You don't know what's gonna happen
To you, you made me cry like
You made me like miss you,
I can't really really believe youuu,
You will regret n' realise,
That that truth is behind your eyes.

Oh no...

Cause girl, you left me' girl.
You don't even text or call,
You just made me forget you now.
That's how I'm reading it in my mind.
Ooo girl you left me now...
You will regret n' realise...

That you lost me girl,
That you will never find girl,
Oooo girl, I think we' gotta move on.

We gotta' move on with our life,
We gotta' find someone else to rely,
Ohh girl I'll let you know, BUT
I will forget youuu.
I can't believe you done this to me,
You made me cry over this no-girl.

I can't believe you nomore girl,
You lost someone that mean't to you,

You lost someone that loved you, soo.
I will never ever forget you, noo.

You just left me all alone to die.

You will regret n' realise.

Ooo girl, I hope you don't forget meee.

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