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Oxiplegatz - Quest lyrics

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Quest by Oxiplegatz

Motionless I stare, like grown out of this chair.
Charging through this unfamiliar landscape,
I'm really somewhere else...
With the swans out there on the water,
With the deer running over that field.
She's with me always, her smell still on my hands.
I can't bear to lose her, the spark of my life -
So why do I feel so numb?
Outside the daylight is new, the world is awakening
And when the future is bleak and joy is less, I want my life.
Where will it end? The paths of life they twist and bend.
Is hope lost when youth dies, or is it just the start?
All alone, lost in this turmoil.
Is the fate of the wanderer mine?
This I know - the world is falling.
Imminence reeks in the air as madness is breeding. Falling!
Madness - this world, I curse God and die!

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