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Overdose - Violence lyrics

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Violence by Overdose

I've had enough of this way of life
A frightening daily fight
Never ending
Trying to survive with violence
Walking side by side
A step behind
Mighty men steal the poor
Exploring their work
"You'll do this, do that", they don't care
"Till they suck all their blood
In the still of the night
The cops protect and serve
(Beating, killing innocents! )
In the name of a badge
They're down stuck in the dirt
Church uphold it's luxury
Building palaces of gold
If you don't contribute
In the hell you'll burn
How could it be?
God's love monopoly...
Like branches of a tree
Flourishing in front of me
From a rotten society
Violence is all I see
We accuse, denounce, we refuse
We beg for justice, freedom and truth
But who's violent? man is violent
I've had enough of this way of life
A chaos on my mind so confusing
Trying to survive with violence
Blurring all my sight
Making me blind
Stupid men destroy the trees
Into ashes they're turned
The green-house door is open wide
Our skins starts to burn
A street gang prowls
Looking for some fun
(Blacks, Jews, Nazis)
They've declared a cultural war
Firing racist guns
Statesmen always dealing
With some bureaucratic stuff
Pleading they're not guilty
For the poverty on earth
How could it be?
Man-to-man dishonesty...
Media preachers looking
For another tragedy
Raped women, abandoned children
A mass violence feast
How could it be? Violence shows on my TV...

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