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Overdose - Just Another Day lyrics

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Just Another Day by Overdose

The alarm is ringing and I got to wake up
Another day - Another day - Another...
Get the bread - Take the bus - Get off and sign in
A lot of work - A lot of work - A lot of...
Do this, do that
Don't you complain?
Shut up - Obey
Your sweat is mine
Hard day - Hard life
Hard to survive
Each day I die to keep my family's keep
Die - Die - Die - Die
Die for a plate of food
Die for a place to live
Die for an old shoe
Die for my family to feed
You got my work
You got my soul
What else can you steal from my misery?
You want my pride!
Do you want my life?
After work I can't be a man in my bed
I can't afford to be alive nor to be dead
I can't give health or education to my young
Or protect us all from the rain or from the sun
System controlled
I can't complain
Shut up - Obey!
Calm down your rage
You're just one piece lost in this game
Yet you're lucky to be still employed
Die - Die - Die - Die
Die for the right of being
Die for my life to live
Die doing only what's right
Die to keep my honesty
[Chorus (x2)]

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