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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - My felicity of midwinter lyrics

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My felicity of midwinter by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

Seize my blood and drink to love; heed what can't be heard
Runic suns and raven odes; revere the burning earth
My sacrifice in crimson tide; conveyed for saintly pledge
Gleaned and raised in silver cup; and placed mid open legs
Forth the path of sullied grime; an ode is being sung
The wintry cloak that veils the soil; departs before the sun
Within the heart of blazing snow; the sky with rose is dressed
Let's rouse the flame that once was doused; and capture life from death
Sterling ear retained with life; transfixed before the strife
Glean its grains when grown and ripe; and drain its bracing vitae
Where passion roars and sense unites; the war will soon be won
The quest for life transcends beyond; and falls beneath the sun
Flame of life retained outside; the range of grasping hands
For ardency it glistens bright; in yearn for reprimand
Legion quest to douse its light; with credence and by plea
But midst the crop that sprouts to ripe; I plant another seed
Ere the sun before the sow; euphoria betrothed
By blood and wine converged for boon; I'm drunken in the snow
See maidens' stray by altars' bare; awaiting love's avail
See signs of peace revert to life; see victory prevail

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