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Orange Monkey - Chippy chipper lyrics

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Chippy chipper by Orange Monkey

Hey, dis' is da' ghetto chipmunk. 'n I'm here to tell you that 'chu better recognize hoe!
I might just have to kick yo' ass in to da' next week if you try 'n front… b**ch. Huh, dat's
what I'm talkin' about.
Word… word 'em up foo!
Rraaaapp. Damn nigga! - I think dat sh*t registered on da' Richter scale. hehehehe - Richter scale, I got your Richter scale right here you hoe lickin' two timin, two dolla' suckin' foo! - foo? Foo? Oh what you think you Mr. T now? I'm gonna get 'chu foo. Hehehehaha. - man, f**k you nigga' I'll kick you in'ta next week like da' two dolla' hoe you is. Or more like, two-dollar hoe yo' momma is. - oh no you didn't just call my momma a two-dollar hoe. - yea, I did just call yo' momma a two-dolla' hoe, just like yo' sista' too. ehehahaha. - man f**k dis' nigga, I don't need none of yo' sh*t. - alright den nigga, go ahead, leave, yo' ass smell funny anyway. Hehhehh.
Rraaappp … damn.
Hey gringo… drop da' chalupa! Drop it! Drop da' chalupa stupid gringo!
b**ch, if yo' ass wouldn't a been such a hoe, sleepin' around wit every other mother f**kin man that came around, 'n getting some jungle bootie lovin every time you heard the word "sex". 'n getting' up 'n partyin' n' drinkin 'n sh*t 'n thinkin yo so goddamn pretty 'n beautiful. 'n dat' every motha f**ka loves you. ya' know what you can do? You might'a been smart or somethin', you could go ta' college 'n get a degree, but naaww your just plain 'ole stupid. Know what I'm sayin?
West side!
Damn nigga! Dat' nigga be rippin up some sh*t. Know what I'm sayin? Damn… Hehekekehakkeke… hey
uhh… y'all got any Kleenex up in here? I gotta blow some sh*t outta my nose. Know what I'm sayin?
(breathing in 'n out) Luke… Luke I'm your father… rrrr raaa! Shut the hell up chewbacha! Why can't you just be freakin hairless? Where's a damn supercuts when you need one? You bastard.
Look at me everybody. I'm a little ballerina. Hey, I'm a little ballerina! … oh sh*t.. (crash-bang) owe.
(pretend banjo sound) rrraaaaappp. Yea… that's the stuff

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