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Open Hand - Nothing Without You lyrics

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Nothing Without You by Open Hand

Everyday and Everynite, I try to be so strong.
Every inch of me cries out for you whenever you’re gone.
Wherever I go I always hear you calling,
Always inside of me.
I can’t believe how hard I’m falling,
Baby I can’t believe, ooh you’re all I need.
When my heart beats now,
It’s not the same somehow,
There’s nothing I can do,
Coz I’m nothing without you.
To give so much of myself over anyone,
I know it’s wrong, so wrong.
I don’t know what you’ve got over me,
But make it go on and on.
Just tell me the nights will last forever,
Say I’m the only one.
How can this love I’m feeling get much better?
I was alright alone, ooh but now I know.
I remember laying down,
For a heart cut out of stone.
Held her body close to mine,
But all I felt was cold.
Now you’ve come into my life and I know,
Being close to you is what I need most.
Everyday and everynite I try to be so strong.

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