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On Fire - Fashion & Filler / 404 Brain Not Found lyrics

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Fashion & Filler / 404 Brain Not Found by On Fire

Sold your soul, the deal is done
No more control, nowhere to run
Fashion victim, never free
Fancy stores, never real
Plastic smile like on tv
Your boring life is meant to be
Mirror mirror, let me see
What life has got in store for me
Money back guaranteed
Retail price on all my needs
Couch potato, bedroom bore
This world don't need you anymore
Instant pleasure, simple life
Losing interests, losing drive
Glorify, wasted time
Plug in relax, your deep fried mind
Have you got what it takes?
Never give, only take
No motivation, talent's fake
Waiting for commercial breaks
Your body's just an empty shell
Screensaver never saved so well
Pixel lives becomes for real
Plugged in, relax and frozen deep
These tubes are filled with common waste
Smash the world like playing games
A stream of never ending fun
Plug out, shut down, and you are done

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