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Ominous Grief - Nothing In Remembrance lyrics

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Nothing In Remembrance by Ominous Grief

Sunburnt landscapes slowly buried by the snow
To the deep red horizon the light seems to go
The night returns, creeping out of the graves
Clouds leave the rain, dancing in a deadly haze
Withered morning won't show up ever again
Leaving me in the dark, leaving me in pain
I am baptized in hellfire, I am baptized in sin
Washed in the bloody rivers in the light of the moon
As I walk among the black ancient tombs
The setting sun casts a spell to raise my doom
I breathe in the somberly mist
And smell the stench of the rotting nature
I am desperate to see the shining sun again
To remember the falling leaves as the autumn came
To stand alone as the rain comes and the winds blow hard
To watch the sky redden as the day goes dark
I praise no light when the night is around
I praise no saint when the demons haunt
Now there's no peace left within me
Nothing but sadness left within me
When I'll return back to my sleep
I know I'll be all alone
There will be no mourners weeping
Or no lovers remembering
I've lived to leave nothing in remembrance behind
Until the day I died
And as centuries will cover the ground
No one will even know where I lie...

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