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Oman Freestyle - Me verse you lyrics

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Me verse you by Oman Freestyle

Me Verse You
Front on my crew and up your ass you’ll find my shoe
Then I’ll burn up your f**king ass like a goddamn barbecue
My sh*t is hardcore, it hits you like that De-ja-vu
Your wig got knocked back after my brief preview
So drop that wack sh*t before I take this outdoors
Try to rap like me, faggot, and I’ll show you the doors
When I’m through, your ugly ass face will be hard to ignore
Cuz you’ll look like your mom and your b**ch, who’s both nasty whores
But yo, chill, just forget what I said
Cuz in anyway I finish you’ll be ending up dead
Here comes my second verse
I hope it’s way better than the first
Cuz I’m about to drop this sh*t like your granny on pot
Fake lil rapper, you think your sh*t is hot
I hate to burst your bubble, but yo, for real, it’s not
You’re a faggot, ass b**ch, you know my rhymes are straight sick
Cuz after you check out my wicked sh*t
You’ll be swallowing your daddy’s 3” dick
I bet you’ll be choking back on that small sh*t
But when the ladies get down and dirty on me, it’ll be like this and like that, like that and like this
If you wasn’t a man, b**ch, you would suck my dick
I’m tired of you bringing out that old fake sh*t
So fake, that your whole f**king style’s a counterfeit
K.T.G’ll always bring you the real deal
None of that puff-daddy sh*t, playing a f**king glockenspiel
After my shockwave hits you, your skin’ll start to peal
My sh*t is fast and powerful, it’s like a souped up automobile
So better get off the mic and start picking up your dimes
Cuz K.T.G can’t be f**ked with your nursery rhymes
Better sit your rhyming ass down
Cuz you ain’t nothing but a wanna-be-rapping clown
But look at me now, I’m the one wearing the crown
Don’t worry, this ain’t nothing but a little lesson
Next time I’ll be spitting out lyrics that’ll keep you guessing
Then I’ll trip you out on a battle, and take all your priceless possession
f**k that! When I rap I turn people on fire!
My rap’s hott and unbelievable, that it was on Philadelphia Enquirer
So this is one thing you can never desire
Then you come out with that sh*t, I can’t be moved cuz you’re weak
And you already know you reached your top peak
Yo, I’m about to bid farewell
And skate to my presidential hotel
And get my f**k on and make this b**ch yell

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