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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Reunited lyrics

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Reunited by Ol' Dirty Bastard

[Chorus: Ol' Dirty Bastard (singin)]
Reunited cuz it feels so good
Reunited cuz we're understood
There's one perfect thing
and children this one is it
We both we're so excited cuz
we're reunited, hey! hey!
[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
I'm known on the microphone as the rap professor
Casual dresser, you may dress fresher
The way that I speak this sh*t is energetic
My physique of meat is quick atheletic
Remove all MC's who disapprove
that my funky fresh particle always have the groove
You're jealous over me because you're not a competitor
You're just a donor, I'm the rap editor
Tryin to rock the mic when you get an appetite
All negative on the mic, I dislike
Try to rock the mic but only will reduce
Try to get loose, you juice as a youth
Not knowin to yourself that you shall be frozen
I'm the MC warrior, who has been chosen
to rock and shock beats, polite when I recite
Sulfur MC's, you are down right, out right
Try to be talkative, there's no alternative
Hide until I forgive, this motive
I am unique with the perfected physique
The objective of my rhyme is my own technique
I maintain the paradise on this Earth
with the shut the f**k up style for what this sh*t is worth
Watch a nigga catch a purse
Super-hero niggaz die
Do my dirt, get away and multiply
You b**ches, ya nice guys
Always want b**ch, because ya need mine
I pleased on how I get up on the stage and f**k up the show
Cuz nobody can't f**k with me!
You bootleggin buyin motherf**kers, don't do that with me
with all these child-support cases I got, I needs my money!
Earl for ages, a 100 and down, sacrifice ya baby to the underground
The best kept secret, how does it fee

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